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Atlantis the Lost Empire

The first great conquest of the Amazons

It is necessary for us to consider Atlantis the lost empire.

Schizomorphic Tellurian History is not our main concern: but since Atlantis plays a vital role in the very first activities of the militant Amazons (that is, the confederation of intemorphic feminine peoples with schizomorphic feminine-led peoples who fought against the early patriarchal revolution) and what we believe to be the first intervention of the Motherland in Tellurian affairs, it is necessary briefly to acquaint our readers with the history of Atlantis the lost empire.

Those restricted to Tellurian sources are faced with two barriers to understanding. The first is that modern "scholarship", with its inherent materialistic and anti-traditional prejudices, tends to reject the existence of Atlantis the lost empire, as indeed of much traditional history (scholars confidently assured us that Troy was a myth until its remains were found).

However, writers with a knowledge of Tellurian traditional wisdom (including the greatest of them, René Guénon) are unanimous in affirming the existence of Atlantis the lost empire.

The other barrier is that - in accordance with the general policy of "rewriting prehistory" common to all patriarchal traditions - Atlantis is commonly represented in Telluria as a patriarchal empire.

In fact Atlantis was founded at a time when no such thing as a patriarchal state had even been dreamed of.

Atlantis, the Western Empire, was a Daughter-State of the Great Northern Empire, guardian of the Primordial Feminine Tradition of Telluria. Over time it wholly replaced the Northern Empire, largely because the Arctic North of Telluria became uninhabitable (not because of climate changes, but because the human body, continually condensing into material form, became increasingly susceptible to climatic conditions).

There had been other Daughter-States, but Atlantis was the last of them (the West, corresponding to evening, being the natural symbolic station of the Last True Empire).

19th-century map of Atlantis the lost Empire.
Its full sphere of influence was actually wider and extended further East.
Atlantis the lost Empire

Much of what we know, and shall tell, of Atlantis stems from the time of its decadence in the closing centuries of the Age of Bronze, but it should not be forgotten that in the High Bronze Age (and do not forget that the Age of Bronze lasted about twice as long as the whole of patriarchal history) the Great Western Empire of Atlantis was the glory of the world, the heart of the Mother Tradition both to the West (the Americas) and to the East (Europe, Africa and Asia).

The great Priestess-Queens of Atlantis guided the world on its true and proper course of love and service to Our Mother God and put down (by peaceful means, for deadly violence between humans was then unknown) various errors and degeneracies that might have perverted maids from their true course far earlier than was in fact the case.

World history timeline: Atlantis the lost empire

But there is a saying that explains much in the history of Telluria: corruptio optimi pessima "the best, when corrupted, becomes the worst".

With the decadence of Atlantis the world lost its vital spiritual Centre. Not only were aberrations in other lands no longer held in check by the wise and kind rulership of the High Empress, but poisonous influences spread from the Mother City itself.

The degeneration that finally led to the first patriarchal revolutions began in the lost Empire of Atlantis. In that sense it was a "lost Empire" long before the waves consumed it.

But many other things were to happen before the deluge that ended the Age of Bronze and began the Age of Iron finally purged the world of what, by then, had become its greatest blight.

Atlantis was reclaimed, for a very considerable time, by the Amazon Confederation, and a faithful Empress restored to the throne.

None of this could last forever as the tide of history, combined with the First Sin of the schizomorphi, took their inexorable course. But let us not forget that the pax Amazonia, forged in the heart of Atlantis, lasted for more centuries than most current Tellurian nations may hope to last.

Let us then proceed to examine the Amazon history of Atlantis the lost Empire.

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