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Atlantis the Lost World

Long before the Deluge
the heart of Atlantis was lost

Atlantis the lost world: we have seen how Atlantis became the very heart of the world in the High Bronze Age. How did it become Atlantis the lost world long before the flood that destroyed it physically? And how was it recovered for several centuries?

Atlantis - the great island nation and preserver of the Primordial Feminine Tradition. Atlantis with its huge capital city built on a pattern of concentric circles with vast canals carrying people and supplies: buildings with jewel-encrusted walls and hot and cold fountains.

It was a miracle of architecture and engineering, but far more importantly, it was founded on the principles of sacred science: a tribute not merely to worldly glory, but to the love of Our Mother God and the truest conformity to the Golden Order.

How did this Atlantis, the holy guardian of all purity and truth, become Atlantis the lost world - a place of chaos, darkness and perversion?

It is hard to say precisely how these things took place - but in the closing millennia of the Age of Bronze there was a very great pressure toward the abyss. Often it began apparently innocently enough by introducing masculine godlings, patterned after the mascÛli who were now very much a part of earthly life at every level.

They were not equal to Our Mother God, but already the error was in place and both mascûuli and the masculine cults could grow in power, beguiling corrupt priestesses and corrupt queens.

However precisely it happened, there came a time when Atlantis, rather than the wise and firm mother of the world, guiding the nations in righteousness, became a centre of masculist error. In the end there were actually male rulers and masculine gods blasphemously declared equal, or near-equal, to the Supreme Mother.

And then came the dark time when human beings raised their hand against each other in deadly violence. Priestesses who preached the old ways and denounced error and heresy were beaten and even killed by the servants of male princelings.

Such a thing had never happened before. Only rarely had one human being ever killed another. Never had a holy priestess been killed and never by a mascûl.

It was a terrible turning-point.

Outside the city, where the corruption had not spread, maidens armed themselves. The arts of war were unknown to them, but they prayed to Sai Vikhë the Great Protectress and took up crude weapons.

But by this time, physical strength was a great force in the world. The spiritual strength of righteous maidens could no longer contend directly against mascûli armed and ferocious.

With their bows and spears that had hitherto been used for hunting and had never been turned against their own kind, the renegade mascûli killed the righteous maidens.

And so the die was cast and the world was set on a dark and fearful course.

Beyond Atlantis the influence spread. Where Atlantis had once held in check the smoulderings of the mascûlic revolution, now it encouraged them. male force was used against cities and temples that resisted, and the femini were unable to resist.

Atlantis, turned against its true nature, Atlantis the lost world, looked set to become the dark heart of an entire world lost.

But the time of the patriarch had not yet come. For the Amazons had not moved yet, and something very like a miracle was about to intervene.

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