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The one definitive guide to female corporal punishment

Female corporal punishmentCan female corporal punishment be treated in all seriousness as an academic subject?

Can the imposition of non-corporal female discipline by ladies on ladies be presented as a series of techniques to be learned?

See online video of the Female Disciplinary Manual

Read an extract from the Manual on the psychology of caning girls

The Female Disciplinary Manual is one of the most remarkable books on the subject of discipline ever to appear in print. It is, as its tagline says, "a complete encyclopedia of the correction of the fair sex".

This book is so unique that when it debuted in the 1990s it was featured in television shows across Britain and reported extensively in the national press.

A serious work on female corporal punishment and general female discipline that takes the subject seriously, not as an adult "game". That wrote about caning girls as a legitimate aspect of social reform. This was not the usual backstreet discipline book. It was - and is - the only thing of its kind: and, under the guidance of the charismatic Miss Marianne Martindale, it launched in the full glare of media fascination.

As the glossy, upscale Observer Magazine noted:

Miss Martindale has been having a bit of a week. She gave two press conferences earlier, she's on Greater London Radio this afternoon and the phone never seems to stop ringing.

The reason? A treatise called The Female Disciplinary Manual - "The most detailed instructions ever published on the arts of caning, spanking, the use of the strap and most other disciplinary implements" - a hard-hitting hardback that instills new meaning in the phrase "a punishing regime"...

The Observer Magazine

From the Guardian newspaper (think: Washington Post) to the "cool" London guide Time Out, the British press was fascinated by the first ever - and still the only - serious instructional treatise on female corporal punishment.

This was something they had never encountered before and they reacted accordingly:

"A must-have for fans of corporal punishment."

The Guardian

Miss Martindale clears her throat. "This book," she announces, "is not the work of armchair disciplinarians". Far from it. Everything in this handbook of hard-hitting home punishments "has been practised in all earnestness and usually on many occasions by those who have written it".

Well, that's all right then, Scholarly rumps have been rigorously road-tested. Our bottoms are in safe hands.

The punishments described range from the artful to the a**e-ironing, from gentle rebuffs to six of the best.

There are no men involved, the book is just girl-on-girl action, or "the correction of females by females" to give it its formal sub-title. . .

Time Out

Written in the clipped tones of a classic Fifties schoolbook, the Manual discusses variations on "old-fashioned discipline".

Want to know how long the disciplinary cane is? Compound punishments? The use of the strap? Turn to page 80 . . .

The Independent

The Female Disciplinary Manual has long been unavailable and regarded as a collector's item, often fetching high prices for a second-hand copy. We are now happy to announce limited unused supplies of the first and second hardcover editions at only $30.

In introducing this much-admired classic to a new audience, we cannot do better than quote the book's original announcement:

THE FEMALE DISCIPLINARY MANUAL is just what its name suggests: a complete guide to the correction and chastisement of young ladies ranging from the mildest reprimand to the severest female corporal punishment that is suitable for a civilized young lady.

Nearly a hundred sections deal with every variety of punishment.

The art of spanking is taught in loving detail; the use of the cane expounded to a depth never before attempted in print. The intricacies of the strap are laid before the reader in all their charm and severity.

The division on non-corporal punishment is subtler but perhaps even more powerful than that on physical chastisement. The refinements of disciplinary suffering that lie in expertly administered detentions and impositions will be a revelation to most readers.

The book is written by ladies who have long practical experience of the disciplinary arts. What Mrs. Beeton did for household management,they have done for the gentle craft of punishment.

Every paragraph is alive with a sensual aestheticism - with the tingling sensibility of feminine discipline at its most elegantly severe.

The celebrated introduction to the book, despite its fantasy setting, is a seminal essay on the philosophy of discipline which shows that the authoresses of the book mean what they say very seriously. Far from regarding themselves as part of the sado-masochist fringe, they feel that genuine discipline is the only way forward for a decaying civilization.

A fascinating afterword tells how the book came into being. It was originally written as a series of occasional papers by disciplinariennes within an all-female disciplinary society for private circulation to other members. They carefully taught such arts as that of administering a sound, never-to-be-forgotten caning or setting a truly tear-inducingly tedious and frustrating imposition for the benefit of the young ladies in their charge.

The story of how these private papers grew into the definitive how-to book on the subject of female corporal punishment and general feminine discipline is a delightful bonus to this handsome new clothbound edition.

Daring, intelligent, unremittingly strict, and yet profoundly compassionate, we do not hesitate to say that this is one of the two or three really great books on the subject of discipline.

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