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Intemorphiction: Girl girl stories from all-girl worlds

girl-girl-storiesDefining intemorphiction as "girl girl stories from all-girl worlds" perhaps sounds a little quirky.

We might even be confused with the teeming hordes who pursue quirkiness for its own sake.

Actually, as you become acquainted with the genre you will see that it is not like that at all.

Certainly it is unusual as seen from the standpoint of a male/female culture, but for those to whom such a culture has never felt natural, the intemorphic world will quickly feel just like home.

Intemorphic literature tends to divide people into two camps - those who say "What is all this craziness?" and those who say - :But this is so perfect! So exactly what I have always longed for! - why has there never been anything like this before?"

Actually, intemorphic literature does have something of a history, and we shall be making available some books and texts of older intemorphic work as well as some newer intemorphiction.

We intend to introduce you to a range of intemorphiction as the site develops. To begin with, here is an intemorphic detective story starring Lady Carleon:

The Adventure of the Crystal Staff

A story set in a Lay College in an all-feminine world. This is a classic locked-room mystery with a solution unique to the culture of an intemorphic culture.

The Stowaways

A taster of the Intemorphic Science Fiction genre (affectionately known as Sci-iPhi) which is also an introduction to the entire intemorphic concept.

The First Great Battle of the Amazons

A fictionalized account of the battle which launched the Amazons into the history remembered by patriarchy. Were the Amazons intemorphi? Many maidens think so.

The Sigil of Baphomet and the Amazon Crusade

Amazons vs demons. A story from the history they didn't want you to know!

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