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The Heart of Atlantis

The First Great Amazon Campaign

As we have seen in our previous lecture, the heart of Atlantis was, during much of the Age of Bronze, the heart of the world.

Atlantis was the last Daughter-Civilization of the Great Northern Mother-Civilization. Its great Priestess-Empresses presided over the adaptation of the Sacred Tradition to the needs of the High Bronze Age - an Age much inferior to the Silver Age that had preceded it, but immeasurably higher than the Iron Age, or Kali Yuga, which was to follow.

The patriarchal traditions regarding Atlantis, from the Egyptian accounts to Plato's Atlantis, contain certain predictable inaccuracies. Naturally they tend to project their own form of society - and their own particular nations - further into the past than they really existed; and naturally also they represent Atlantis as a patriarchal state, since "the Universality of Patriarchy" has been the central plank of patriarchal propaganda ever since the movement took firm hold and was old enough to re-write the past.

However, taking these inevitable distortions as read, there is considerable truth in the Egyptian accounts and in the accounts of Plato's Atlantis which follow them.

The Capital of Atlantis was indeed built around a central palace/temple from which reigned the Priestess-Queen of the Empire. The City was built in concentric circles leading out from its heart-centre: and beyond this, the City was seen as the heart of Atlantis, and Atlantis (after the decline of the older Daughter-States of the Primordial Northern Civilisation) as the heart of the world.

The City lay at the heart of Atlantis, the Temple at the heart of the City
and Atlantis itself at the heart of the High Bronze-Age world.
The Heart of Atlantis

Plato's Atlantis - his account of Atlantis the lost world as it had by then become - tells the truth, albeit in a rather truncated way. many events are somewhat "collapsed" in time and make assumptions based on later patriarchal practice.

For example, we are told that the Atlantean Empire conquered and oppressed much of Europe and Asia (the Americas are not mentioned as the Old World, after the end of Atlantis, had lost all contact and even memory of the Far West).

The truth is that the Atlantean Empire did indeed extend across Europe and Asia as well as parts of the Americas. However, no "conquest" was involved, for this was in a time long before deadly force between maid and maid was known upon the Earth.

The influence of Atlantis was both spiritual and political. The feminine civilizations of the time recognized Atlantis as the true representative of the Primordial Tradition in its Bronze Age form and saw the Heart of Atlantis as their Heart.

Did Atlantis "oppress" these nations? On the contrary, it was their spiritual life-blood, their source of order, or thamë, their venerated mother-throne.

But certainly Atlantis, during its height and health, was on constant guard against the semi-patriarchal incursions into life and thought. The gradual introduction of mascûlic figures into temples and palaces was firmly resisted by the Empire wherever possible: not, of course, by force of arms, but by the spiritual influence that it wielded, which in those days was still the strongest force on earth.

Naturally, to later patriarchal writers, after the early triumph of semi-patriarchy, this made Atlantis the worst of all possible oppressors - the greatest enemy of the patriarchal revolution. And even after the supervention of full patriarchy, when, in accordance with the central thrust of propaganda, Old Atlantis had to be "re-written" as a patriarchal state, the patriarchal resentment against its "oppressions" was not forgotten.

But for the true and faithful in the High Bronze Age, the golden heart of Atlantis was the golden heart of the world; and when that heart became corrupt, bringing it back to health was literally the most important task in the world.

And that task fell to the Amazons.


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