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Atlantis: the Invasion of the Amazons

The importance of the Great Invasion of the Amazons into Atlantis cannot be overestimated. It was the largest and most organized military operation the world had ever seen at the time, and in its cultural impact it is comparable to the invasion of Europe at the end of the Second World War - except that, in terms of the depth of the issues involved, the defeat of the patriarchy by the Great Invasion of the Amazons makes the defeat of the Axis by the Allies look like a relatively minor matter: a family quarrel within the same camp.

Looking at the Greek and Egyptian histories alone (biased and patriarchal as they are) it is easy to see that the achievement of Queen Myrine the First in her invasion of Atlantis was something truly remarkable. Ironically enough, after the endless bullying raids and skirmishes, tortures and killings, practised by patriarchal brigand-"kings", it was she who introduced real warfare to the world in what was (for a few centuries at least) quite literally the War to end War.

She was renowned throughout the ancient world for over a millennium as the first person to use cavalry in warfare, but, while the patriarchs were a little shy of admitting it, she was also the first to use many other procedures that later became standard. Hers was the first "uniformed" army in the world and the first to be based on a strict and defined chain of command.

The obedience-principle, based on the Golden Order, or law of Thamë (Themis as the Greeks rendered it), as the governing principle of an army was formalized by Myrine I from the practices that had evolved in Tritonia from the social structure of the Primordial Feminine Order. The ranks and command structure of every modern army have their first source in the Golden Army of Tritonia.

This indeed, even more than the use of horses and standardized weaponry, was what made the Invasion of the Amazons so successful. The patriarchal hordes worked on a free-form skirmish-and-melée principle, relying on their superior strength and savagery to carry all before them. Myrine's armies, even though most of the non-Amazon members of her Confederation (the vast majority by the time of the Invasion of the Amazons) were femini, physically weaker than their enemies, were the world's first strategic forces, acting in constant obedience to the chain of command and able to employ tactical warfare and flexible strategic manoeuvres against the brute force of the enemy.

The Amazon Armies were a fearful sight. They wore a standardized battle-array of helmets, breastplates and spears, all covered in snakeskin. Their mounted troops shocked the savage mascûli with the first cavalry charges in history. Their archers were the deadliest in the world. The Great Invasion of the Amazons was the first large-scale exercise of scientific warfare the world had ever seen.

The Vikhelic ("martial") Arts - combat techniques rooted in spiritual practice - were also developed in Tritonia and formed the basis of all the actual fighting practices employed by the Amazon Confederation.

Who was Myrine the First? As we have seen, she was the first-born of the Queen of Tritonia and heir to the throne. From a sign given to her melinic mother while her chelanic mother bore her, she was called Myrine, "swiftly bounding". Many have taken this sign to mean that she was the first of the "Exiles" from the True Motherland, whose soul crossed the Great River.

Whether or not this is true, it is certainly true that the dark and terrible cult of patriarchy and its increasing overshadowing of Telluria was shifting the subtle balance of more worlds than one, and it was vital to stem the tide.

Unlike her predecessors, Queen Myrine took this view. Until now, the policy of Tritonia had been one of self-defense: protecting the homeland, harboring those femini who asked for shelter but no more. The very act of harboring aroused the anger of the surrounding "kings" and the policy of "armed neutrality" became increasingly hard to maintain.

Queen Myrine the First jettisoned the policy completely and began the Great Invasion of the Amazons in her first year as Queen, conquering a small kingdom on the North African mainland that had a majority of loyal worshipers of Our Mother God and liberating the population. She then set about arming and training nearly all the femini of fighting age in the manner of the Tritonian Army. This was the first non-Amazon addition to the Amazon Confederation.

By the third year of her reign she had liberated most of North Africa and parts of West Asia, each time arming and training the femini and adding them to the Golden Armies of the Great Amazon Confederation. She then turned her attention to Mediterranean Europe.

By the time she was ready to take on the Beast Itself - the corrupt heartland of Atlantis - she had, according to most Classical accounts, an army of 33,000 - this at a time when few cities had populations larger than 10,000.

These armies were veterans of numerous Asian and European campaigns, trained in the Vikhelic Arts, founded on the chain-of-command principle, still unknown elsewhere, and mistresses of the cavalry-charge which no mascûl army had mastered (the small horses of the time were mostly incapable of carrying the heavier mascûl with his heavier weaponry - which is why the first equine mascûl warriors were charioteers).

To the astonishment of the world, Atlantis, now famed for its savage and brutal patriarchal hordes, fell after a relatively short campaign on terms of unconditional surrender.

Myrine's terms were sweeping. The patriarchal rulers and their femin collaborators were deposed. A few of the most intransigent were executed, but many were reduced to servitude and some of the femini even reinstated years later under the New Order.

The New Order, of Course, was the Old Order restored. The Feminine Tradition and the Worship of Our Mother God in strictly orthodox form was re-instituted. Myrine did not (as many had expected) make herself Queen of Atlantis. She was an Amazon Intemorph and had no desire to live among, or rule, even reformed shizomorphi.

Instead, the loyalists among the Atlanteans were elevated to power. The old Imperial Line, purged of collaborators, was restored to the Pavanelle Throne and the Heart of Atlantis became once again the Golden Heart of the World.

The City of Myrine was founded in Atlantis. An autonomous Amazon City occupied by Amazons only; and this - as well as becoming a prosperous and beautiful Amazon colony - acted as a stronghold, ensuring that no recurrence of the old corruption could creep back into Atlantis.

The Golden Order was restored by the Invasion of the Amazons.


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