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"Super Lesbian fiction"

super-lesbian-fictionIntemorphiction is sometimes loosely defined as "Super Lesbian Fiction". That perhaps sounds a little quirky, but the point is that it deals with worlds in which all the characters are feminine. Thus all romantic attachments and all other interactions take place between girls.

Certainly it is unusual as seen from the standpoint of a male/female culture, but for those to whom such a culture has never felt natural, the intemorphic world will quickly feel just like home.

Intemorphic literature tends to divide people into two camps - those who say "What is all this super lesbian fiction craziness?" and those who say - :But this is so perfect! So exactly what I have always longed for! - why has there never been anything like this before?"

Actually, intemorphic literature does have something of a history, and we are making available some books and texts of older intemorphic work as well as some newer intemorphiction.

lesbian romance

Lady Carleon: the Adventure of the Crystal Staff

Lady Carleon is a detective in an all-feminine world. In this story she encounters a classic sealed-room mystery in which a precious and highly symbolic crystal staff is spirited away in apparent defiance of the laws of nature.

In this intriguing mystery we meet various fascinating characters and learn much about the all-feminine world in which Lady Carleon lives.

Complete short story

lesbian romance

A South-Kadorian Romance

Set in an all-feminine world, this is the story of a blonde from the far north and her encounter with an aristocratic southern brunette. Blondes and brunettes are the two sexes in this story as in much intemorphiction. The tale is both humorous and heart-rending. A bittersweet romance.

Complete short story

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lesbian romance

The Fairy Gambit

It starts with an em-ay-en! Is it breaking the rules of intemorphiction? Well you'll soon see that this is actually the story of an all-feminine civilization that takes an unusual approach to keeping undesirables outta outer space!

A light-hearted tale with a serious message - after all would you really want Earthmen doing to other planets what they have done to their own?

Complete short story

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lesbian discipline

Blonde Discipline

A story that should have been in The District Governess but wasn't!

This is an illustrated discipline story that begins as one of the most charming intemorphic romances ever. Witty and alluring, Blonde Discipline has the sophisticated appeal of a 1930s popular song set in an all-girl world.

The discipline part is almost another story, but dovetails beautifully with the romance.

Complete short story

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lesbian discipline

Amazon Tales

Perhaps the ultimate form of super lesbian fiction!

The First Great Battle of the Amazons

A fictionalized account of the battle which launched the Amazons into the history remembered by patriarchy. Were the Amazons intemorphi? Many maidens think so.

The Sigil of Baphomet and the Amazon Crusade

Amazons vs demons. A story from the history they didn't want you to know!

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