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The Gospel of Our Mother God

The Gospel of Our Mother GodThe Gospel of Our Mother God is an absolutely unique book. It is the Bible of those who worship God in feminine form.

It is not merely unique. It is beautiful. It is rich and profound. It is what a sacred text should be. For those who have been seeking a genuine, serious devotion to God as Mother, this will come as - literally - a revelation.

It is not a "Goddess" book, a "New Age" book or a "Neo-pagan" book. It is a collection of serious texts that regard Our Mother God as the sole, Supreme Deity and worship Her with every bit as much dignity, reverence and majesty as Catholics or Moslems worship their masculinized God-images.

Drawing on Indian and Chinese as well as Western sources, this Gospel is by no means an ecumenical mish-mash. Its central theme is always the Mother God Who is Three in One and One in Three - Mother, Daughter and Dea-beyond-Form.

This Trinitarian vision of Deity is found throughout the world and long predates Christianity. It is termed the "Triple Goddess" by some modern writers, but these texts avoid the translation "goddess" as both trivializing and implying the existence of masculine "gods".

The extent to which the Trinity is taken literally as three Persons or is simply regarded as representing the three fundamental Aspects of Deity is considered a matter of personal perspective and the over-literalism of patriarchy in trying to dot i's and cross t's in matters which, by definition, pass human comprehension is deprecated.

Th strength and beauty of these texts is difficult to convey. One could fill page after page with quotations, but here are just three:

Rejoice, poor wanderers of the earth and exiles from the house of your Mother, for to you shall come a Guide and a Deliverer.

That which is right in the deepest heart of things, and in the centre of all being, that is right and none other; and the Truth alone is true. Nor shall all the powers of the earth count against it, neither all the powers of the seas and the skies move it by the smallest fraction in all its vastness. I shall obey none but My Mother, though all your power be turned in fury upon Me.

For She that created you also loves you, even to the end of the age. Take heart, though you have turned from Her. For She has not forsaken you, neither are Her eyes filled with anger. And Her hands that have shattered the gates of Hell shall not harm you; that have broken Hell’s foundation shall be lain on you in gentleness.

The depth of this small book is inexhaustible. It contains the deepest inspiration and wisdom on just about every spiritual theme. But it is more than just a book to read. It is the Family Bible for the Feminine Household. It is intended for daily use and devotion.

If you are looking for the "religion lite" offered by the New Age movement, this is not the book to shape your life and worship. If you are looking for true feminine devotion that has all the depth, resonance and majesty that one would expect not merely of true religion, but of the world's first religion, this is your Bible.

The Gospel of Our Mother God is $14.95 including postage to anywhere in the world.

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