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The District Governess
Old-Fashion spanking stories as all-feminine literature

by Miss Marianne Martindale

Old-Fashion Spanking

Old-fashion spanking* stories may seem to be one of the oddest themes for all-feminine literature and yet some of the earliest books of intemorphiction were on this theme, including a collection of short stories entitled The District Governess.

What was the reason for this history of spanking intemorphiction? One reason was that before the widespread proliferation of the internet, there were few ways of publishing books that appealed to a minority audience dispersed worldwide. One way intemorphiction could gain enough momentum to make it publishable - often in lavish hardback editions - was to appeal to another audience at the same time - in this case the "spanking" interest.

But how did this theme fit into the concept of an all-feminine reality? The authors saw old-fashion spanking as a natural expression of conflict and resolution in a feminine world where the more extreme and violent conflicts of male societies were rare or non-existent. As it says in the book's introduction.

Consider the fiction of your own world. A reader from another world... would be forgiven for thinking that murder was an everyday occurrence. Violence, theft, betrayal, adultery, war and wickedness in general are the stock-in-trade of your fiction - not only the sensational works but the majority of your great classics. Now violence and villainy are rare things in Aristasia. They are much less a part of the feminine temper. Unkindness is regarded as unnatural. nevertheless... while there is little wickedness in Aristasia, there is quite a lot of naughtiness.

The theme of old-fashion spanking also makes perfect sense in relation to a feminine world in which order and harmony are the prevailing principles and society is fashioned on the model of a maternally-led family:

Aristasians do not regard themselves as 'adult' in quite the way that you do. The Queen or Empress and her servants, down to the District Governess, are always accepted as being somewhat in loco parentis. The difference between wickedness and naughtiness is that wickedness implies a complete severance between oneself and the norms of goodness - a fixed and final enmity between the wicked and the victim - whereas naughtiness is a temporary rift between oneself and an order of goodness which one never ceases to accept. A good spanking will set all to rights and put one back into grace again. For children everywhere, the cycle of naughtiness, punishment and forgiveness is a part of the fundamental security of life, an assurance that one is never finally severed from the love and protection of mother and family. For the Aristasian, the concept which you call 'society' - a thing with which the individual is often, and in the post-Eclipse world rightly, at odds - scarcely exists. There is only the Familia extended into wider and wider circles; the Queen, and above her the Empress, and beyond the Empress, God Herself, being the ultimate loving mothers, who may chastise, but only from kindness, and only to reunite us with their love.

The District Governess was in fact a set of stories inspired by a number of old-fashion spanking illustrations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The authoress had no idea of the original stories but simply wrote tales suggested to her by the pictures, set in the all-feminine world of Aristasia.

Because of the nature of the pictures and the parameters of that particular publishing venture, the stories all revolved around the subject of old-fashion spanking. However they were very far from being the sort of shallow material usually associated with "discipline literature", a fact that was immediately recognized by the critics. Desire magazine wrote of an earlier novel, Children of the Void:

Beautifully written . . . this is a book which, by way of its startling originality, deserves to break beyond the narrow confines of its immediate C.P. genre

Skin Two wrote:

Spellbindingly done, and immensely literate, it will excite and stimulate . . . Children of the Void is unlike anything else you will read today and will not appeal to the coarser spirits: but for those who like their Discipline of high literary quality, it is essential reading.

Even national British newspapers like the Daily Telegraph, which normally would not review literature of this category, hailed Miss Snow's "immaculate cut-crystal prose".

Old-Fashion Spanking

Intemorphiction's history of spanking literature may now be regarded as something of a curiosity, but The District Governess is a fascinating early book in the genre, which talks at length about the philosophy of an all-feminine world, presents a remarkable array of characters and situations, and runs the gamut from humorous sketches to stories of spiritual depth and emotional power.

All Miss Snow's books have long been out of print and have been avidly sought after by discerning readers, often selling for over $100 on Ebay and Amazon. Its introduction by Miss Marianne Martindale makes it even more coveted. We are delighted to be able to offer the hardback First Edition of The District Governess at $25 - less than its original selling price. We have limited numbers, so this offer will have to be discontinued when supplies are exhausted.

We are offering them at this price on this site, because we feel it is important to make them available to those who are interested in early intemorphiction rather than to those who regard them merely as ultra-high quality spanking literature.

Note: By "old-fashion spanking" we mean spanking in the old fashion of being a genuine and loving discipline rather than implying that spanking is inherently "old fashioned".

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