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Myrine: First Queen of the Amazons

Most honoured Myrine was not the first Amazon Queen, but she was the first Queen of the Amazons, or perhaps more accurately, the first Amazon Empress.

She lived at a pivotal time in Earth's history. The Age of Bronze was ending and the terrible Age of Iron, or Kali Yuga, was about to begin.

Chaos prevailed among many of the peoples of the Earth. In many lands the True Faith of Our Mother God was giving place to patriarchal cults in which the mascûli invented "gods" in their own image.

To understand the full horror of these impious cults, one must realise that they were not like later mascûlic religions, in which the True Faith and Ancient Wisdom were subtly and carefully incorporated into new patriarchal forms to create valid (if imperfect) new approaches to God.

In many cases they were violent and crude revolts against the Golden Order by profane usurpers who were little more than what today would be called gangsters.

Many of the semi-matriarchal states were reaping the bitter harvest of their dalliance with male power and male godlings. The "pets" and "consorts" were cutting the throats of their mistresses in one nation after another. The true character of male violence was at last revealed for what it really was.

For the first time humans were killing other humans, burnings and tortures - things undreamed of in the most terrible of nightmares - were becoming instruments of power. A dark new order (or counter-order) seemed poised to engulf the Earth.

Indeed, the hour of the dark new order had in a sense arrived: but the time of its dominance over the world was not yet at hand. And in the balance of that time of transition, Myrine, the first Queen of the Amazons was to play a very large and quite extraordinary role.

World History Timeline: Myrine the first Queen of the Amazons

In these knowledge lectures, we have so far been considering the history of Telluria purely from the Tellurian perspective. But a great shift, such as that which was taking place in the closing centuries of the Age of Bronze, does not affect only the world or the plane of being in which it takes place. It creates a shift in the psychic balance of the surrounding cosmos - "surrounding" indicating not so much a physical proximity as a shared Cyclical modality.

As the Historical Cycle wore on, a dark force was gaining strength in all these worlds. A force which on some planes represented itself as mascûlic.

In the Motherlands, of course, mascûli did not exist. Our troubles were (as they are yet) with outland demons and even inland demons, but never with creatures that had insinuated themselves into the very structure of our lives and civilisation.

The disruption of the psychic balance created by the nascent Tellurian patriarchal revolution caused considerable problems in the Motherlands and, for what may well have been the first time, intervention was considered necessary.

The precise form of this intervention is not known. This was a time before the first noble ancestress of our present Empress, before our current world-era, and in our own Age of Bronze.

However it is known that there was some connection between the Motherlands and the first Queen of the Amazons. Was she the first "exile" from our lands to be deployed in Telluria? We cannot say, but certainly she was given every subtle support that the Motherlands could afford her - and in that age subtle support was not so slight a matter as it has since become.

What form that support took, again we cannot say, but whatever it was it does not detract from the sheer genius of this great Queen of the Amazons, great strategist and great Empress.

It can be hard at times to identify the first Queen of the Amazons, since for a long time her successors were also called Myrine (even as Roman emperors were called Caesar after the first one - even down to the Kaisers and Czars of modern Europe).

However, some things we know for certain were the work of the first Queen of the Amazons: that, from her island base, named Hesperis, off north-west Africa, she formed a confederation of Amazons and of those shizomorphs who remained loyal to the Old Ways and reversed the patriarchal revolution in much of the Mediterranean area. She raised a confederated army of a size hitherto unknown and deployed the first cavalry known on earth.

While her campaigns in the Mediterranean were important, her most significant achievement was the subduing of the Empire of Atlantis. Atlantis had been the primary centre of civilisation in the Bronze Age (and its final destruction marked the end of that Age), but had become pray to some of the worst and most decadent tendencies of the New Darkness.

Myrine, the first Queen of the Amazons, subdued the Atlantean Empire and obtained an unconditional surrender. She replaced its corrupt rulers with a feminine schizomorph dynasty loyal to Dea and the Golden Order and founded a city on the continent named, after herself, Myrine, which until near the end was a home to Western Amazons and a deterrent to revolutionary forces both within and without the continent.

The Atlantean Campaigns are of such importance that we shall give them a section of their own.

The history of the Amazons, as told in Telluria, is told by their enemies and from a time after their fall. It is therefore told as a tale of failure.

But the history of the Amazons is not one of failure any more than the history of any person or civilisation that is not immortal is a tale of failure. Death comes to all in the end.

The true history of the Amazons is the tale of a mighty people who rolled back the tide of history and stopped the bloody revolution of the patriarch in its tracks; they governed an Empire for centuries of a kind the world has not seen before or since, and when they were finally submerged in the flood-tide of Iron-Age patriarchy, they had actually changed the face of their enemies; and, for all the cruelty and violence of the new mascûl Empires, instead of a demon-worshipping horde, there was a path for the Higher Religions of the Patriarchy.

And if these were not as high as the Highest Religion of all, the Faith of Our Mother God, they certainly saved humanity from a descent into the sub-human realms.

Not all of this was achieved by Queen Myrine herself, but none of it could have happened but for the truly remarkable achievements of the first Queen of the Amazons.

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