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The Intemorphic Science Fiction Genre

Science Fiction GenreThe science fiction genre is a natural for intemorphiction.

Since intemorphic literature deals with worlds and realities in which masculinity plays no part, the ability of science fiction to deal with other realities creates a perfect platform for the intemorphic imagination.

In fact it may be surprising to some people that intemorphic literature includes anything but the science fiction genre.

Actually intemorphiction includes detective stories, spanking stories, ghost stories, college stories and potentially just about every kind of story you can think of: but the science fiction genre remains one of the most important forms of intemorphiction.

Feminist science fiction has long been an important genre of its own, as has lesbian science fiction, but intemorphic science fiction is something different from either. It does not address the problems of women in male/female worlds, but the endless possibilities of all-feminine realities.

In the not-too-distant future we hope to be introducing you to some major works in the budding genre of Sci-iPhi but for now, we aim to whet your appetite with a few teasers, starting with one that not only introduces the genre but also provides a quick introduction to the entire intemorphic concept.

For our first presentation in the Sci iPhi genre, we are happy to bring you

The Stowaways

A taster of the Sci-iPhi genre in which we see intemorphic characters far from home coping with an alien environment and learn a little about how an all-feminine reality works. You will meet engaging characters of both intemorphic sexes.

A Sermon in Outer Space

Feminine science fiction meets feminine Faith: Physics meets metaphysics in this discussion of the spiritual implications of maid's encounter with the stars.

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