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The Sigil of Baphomet

And the Amazon Crusade

Queen Myrine promised that a sign would be given to the Amazons: and that sign was the Sigil of Baphomet.

The very name of Baphomet is a mystery to the modern world. It is not, as some have thought, Hebrew, nor does it belong to any known language, living or dead. It is the direct transposition into earthly sound of the Demonic Tongue, and it is the name of a Demon whose special province is and was the corruption of Planet Earth.

The Sigil of Baphomet, an inverted pentagram, has been likened to the head of a goat, with horns and beard, and - by extension to the traditional Abrahamic image of Satan. Such an association is accurate up to a point, but limited.

In the first place, Baphomet and its activities date back far beyond Abraham and the patriarchy to which he belonged.

In the second place, the Sigil of Baphomet, the inverted pentagram has far more than merely a loose pictorial significance.

To understand correctly the significance of the Sigil of Baphomet, we need to know something of the symbolism of the Inverted Pyramid and the meaning of the pentagram itself.

The Pentagram resembles the Pyramid in this respect: that is has a single point at the top, while multiplicity, or mass, reside below. Miss Alice Lucy Trent has explained the symbolism of the Pyramid in depth in her book The Feminine Universe and has shown how it represents the dominion of the single Point of the Spirit over the multiplicity of the material world.

The inversion of the Pyramid places in all respects quantity above quality and makes brute matter the ruler over Spirit.

The Pentagram is first and foremost a diagram of the five elements - the four material elements plus the Quintessence or Fifth Element of Aethyr or Spirit. Spirit stands at the Apex, governing all the other elements to which She has given birth.

Thus the inversion of the Pentagram in the Sigil of Baphomet is equivalent to the inversion of the Pyramid. It is a sign of the inversion of the natural order of things, and of the demonic origins of patriarchy.

We continue our narrative of the Amazon crusade with:

Part 2: The Sigil of Baphomet

The training of the seven Amazon Legions of Tritonia [see part 1] was no brief matter.

The skilled archers and spear-maidens were wrought into the first true army seen upon the face of the earth.

The Law of Thamë - the principle of hierarchical obedience, that lay at the very root of Amazon society was now applied to the fighting forces. The system of Officers at different levels, and the strict chain of command had their origin in the vertical social order of the Amazons. For the first time ever, a body of warriors was forged that was no mere roaring rout of weapon-wielders, but a finely-honed instrument, flexible and obedient to the will of its generals, and their Queen.

Strategy and tactics became weapons of far more significance than mere weight of numbers and brute strength.

Rank upon rank, the armies of Myrine were arrayed each alike in snakeskin-covered armor. They marched in step and could throw a volley of spears an hundred yards wide upon a single word of command.

Behind them came the cavalry. The first cavalry ever seen upon the earth. The horses of those days were smaller creatures and few men were light enough to ride them armed and at speed. The mounted warrior-maids responded to calls upon a horn, and their thunderous charge could turn a horde of rampaging mascûli into a fleeing rout.

The Amazon archers had long been deadlier than any bowman of the Outlands, but now they were rendered far more effective by the introduction of the Law of Thamë. They had been transformed from a deadly force to a deadly strategic force.

And all this was under the command of the first and greatest general the world has ever seen: Queen Myrine the Great of Tritonia.

Add to this, the natural strength of the melini, who, while resembling women, are stronger than almost any man and the power of this force becomes evident.

Yet all that and far more would be needed, for Queen Myrine's aim was no less than to take the Armies of her small island nation upon a crusade to conquer the whole known world.

Their first battle was with Hakkur - a little semi-patriarchal kingdom on the coast of North Africa, not far from their island of Tritonia. The Tritoni had harbored priestesses from Hakkur - priestesses of Our Mother God who were made "outlaw" by the new mascûl cult and subject to torture and death.

Upon the Queen's refusal to return these femini, Hakkur had sent warriors to loot and burn. The warriors had been killed on each occasion, but their raids continued and grew larger and bolder.

The taking of Hakkur was far easier than the doubters had imagined. Almost every able-bodied mascûl turned out to fight the "women" - anxious to show his valor and perhaps to carry off an enemy as a prize.

The world's first cavalry charge was a thing for which they could not possibly have prepared. Drastically reduced in numbers and put to a confused rout. they were easy prey for the pursuing horsemaidens and the archers and infantry who had been deployed along their lines of escape.

The city was walled, but with practically the whole of its fighting force lost, it wisely surrendered without a siege.

The priestesses and high-ranking noblemaidens who had sought sanctuary in Tritonia were restored to power in Hakkur.

The Great Temple of Hakkur still stood. Unlike many Temples of Our Mother God, it had not been burnt down. What had happened was worse than that. But it was also the sign Queen Myrine had promised to show her followers.

In chapels about the city were statues of Our Mother God with Her supposed "male consort" blasphemously raised to a status almost that of Her equal.

The Great Temple, however, had been sealed off to the people of the City and was open only to the "king" and his inner circle of "priests" and other followers. The great Portal had been sealed off and access to the Temple had been through a secret entrance.

Queen Myrine had the great Portal forced open, and when that was done, the sight that met the eyes of both Tritoni and Hakkuri made their blood run cold.

On the High Altar was the body of a slain goat and above it the Sigil of Baphomet - the inverted Pentagram. About the Temple were the statues of Our Mother God and Her Holy Daughter, that had been adored and worshiped for a dozen generations, each of them was disfigured and obscenely marked and mutilated, and above each was displayed the Sigil of Baphomet.

Other horrors lay in that once-sacred place wherewith we shall not sully the ears of our reader.

It was before that defiled House of Dea that Queen Myrine addressed her legions and her counselors and the fair folk of Hakkur both high and low.

And her voice was the most thrilling voice any maid had heard - even of them that had heard the Queen before:

"Honoured maidens of Tritonia and the Amazon nation:

"I spoke unto you before we made this journey and told you that the revolt of the mascûli was no mere work of men. I told you that behind all this lay the Dark One; and I was asked for proof, and rightly asked.

"Here is your proof, my sisters. Here in the House of Our Dear Mother you see the Sigil of Baphomet. You see Our Dear Lady insulted and Her Holy Image defiled.

"You see slaughter where the sacrament should be. And you see the Sigil of Baphomet and again the Sigil of Baphomet.

"Who is Baphomet? You will ask, and rightly ask. And I shall give you answer

"It is the lord of darkness that descends upon this world. It is the servant of a greater lord an darker whose name I speak not here. It is the master of the demon hordes that descend upon this world, even as they descend upon another world under another master.

"For the fate lies in the balance here, not of this world only, but of maidens everywhere. It may seem to some that I speak wildly. But I know whereof I speak. Did I not tell you what we should find in this place? And see you not now that I have spoken true?

"And if you see that I have spoken true, raise up the cry among you now of she that will purify this land in these days of darkness.

"Haya, haya Vikhë!"

And the people, both Tritoni and hakkuri raised up the cry, "Haya, haya Vikhë!"

And when that great chant was ceased, Queen Myrine spoke again.

"It is written my sisters:

"Evil must needs arise and be triumphant, and the dark Mistress have her night of blood.

"That is written and none may forfend it. The day shall come when maidens will fall before the ax of the mascûli. But that day has not yet dawned, and if you will bind yourselves to me it shall not dawn these many hundred years.

"And when it shall dawn, we shall have purged the demon and even the mascûli shall know a little wisdom.

"The day shall dawn when that wisdom too shall be gone and all shall be darkness. But if you will bind yourselves to me, it shall not dawn these many thousand years.

"You have looked upon the Sigil of Baphomet and have seen the dark and nameless things that lie about it.

"What is the Sigil of Baphomet? You will ask and will ask rightly.

"It is the sign of the inversion of all things. It is the sign of making high what should be low and low what should be high. It is the sign of the breaking of all harmony, the breaking of all truth.

"You have lived under the rule of that great blasphemy and you have seen its full vileness in the very House of Our Lady.

"Will you join with me to purge the world of this vileness? Will you join with me to raise the image of Our Dear Lady wherever it has been brought low? Will you join with me to smash the Sigil of Baphomet?

"Will every maid among you of fighting age join with Legions to become the first troops of a mighty army that shall cleanse the Upper Continent and the Lower, shall purge the world even to the furthest shores of the Hidden Ocean and shall at last march victorious into that great vileness that was once the Golden City of Atlantis?

"Will you become the maids who shall restore this world and raise up the image of Our Lady for your daughters to adore, yea and their daughters' daughters even to the seventh generation?"

And the crowd raised once again the great chant:

"Haya, haya Vikhë!"

And the mounted drummer maidens beat their long drums in rhythm with the chant.

And so were born the first Outland Legions of the Great Amazon Army.


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