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World History Timeline

Amazon in World History Timeline Who were the Amazons? The world history timeline of Telluria, or Planet Earth must be examined before we can answer this question. This is one of the earliest first-orientation papers of the current initiative and has been in use for over two centuries.

The Amazons: World History Timeline - the Coming of the Mascûli

In the beginning, we are told, the people of Telluria were not unlike ourselves. In their Golden Age, before the coming of the mascûli, there were maidens only among them, even as among us.

And as with us there were two sexes: chelani, the golden-headed, that bore daughters, and melini, the raven-tressed that protected and provided for them.

Whence came the mascûli we do not know. They were not, it is thought, an alien incursor that might be repulsed with force of arms, as was the case with our people.

It is thought that the Telluri maidens committed grave sins, and thus a curse fell on them; and they bore creatures of their own loins that were unlike themselves, and not maidens. Creatures that filled some of their daughters with unnatural desire. Creatures that were - in the course of long millennia - to enslave them.

World History Timeline

Many things happened in this time that could not in later times have happened; for in the Golden Time of Telluria, as in the Golden Time of any world, maidens were still subtle creatures whose feet had but lately touched the earth, and the mascûli that they bore were grosser than they. And though it is the fate of every race of maid to descend ever deeper into the veil of matter as the Ages wear onward, yet in the case of these Telluri maids, this strange consort of theirs hastened their descent.

And as their bodies hardened into flesh and bone, it came about that many maids were barren among maid and could be given child only by the mascûli, and these were called the mazei, meaning the lost, or bewildered. And among them the chelani and melini became almost as one kind and that kind was called femíni; for while all maidens are feminine, the mascûli were not.

Yet while most of the newly-consolidated were mazei some remained as we are, and these were called a-mazei, or the Amazons: those who are not lost, but adhere to the true way.

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